1. westernkanye:

    An important purchase

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  2. allmymetaphors:

    if you think that i won’t listen to the same song 400 times in a row you are dead wrong 

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  3. fstw:

    shoutout to my mutuals that I don’t really talk to y’all still cool

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  4. nissan420sx:

    alright where are all yall getting these kermits…

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  5. wordsandturds:

    i was looking for free furniture but maybe thats not what i was meant to find

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  6. jrne:


    you smoke WHAT


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  7. popularboyfriend:

    my life is one part “wait” and another part “what”

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  8. ass-of-cas:


    I need this on my blog

    Yep.  I definitely feel that need.

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  9. eternityinalake:

    welcome to the 12th inning of a college baseball game

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  10. dorkly:

    The new X-Men movie looks great

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